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Educational Programmes That Support Early Learning

Today’s children are growing up in a rapidly changing digital age that is far different from that of their parents and grandparents. A variety of technologies are all around us in our homes, offices, and schools. When used wisely, technology and media can support learning and relationships. Enjoyable and engaging shared experiences that optimize the potential for children’s learning and development can support there relationships both with adults and their peers.

We at the EB Club envisioned the growing need of Assistive Education Technology. Ever since our inception in 2009, we have been taking rapid strides in this field. We have created a platform that teaches kids to be confident, taps their uniqueness, celebrates their learning style and made them ready to be global citizens. These programmes are designed to facilitate language learning and focus on honing the sub skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through phonemic awareness and sound acoustics.

English Programme

Focuses on linear LSRW(Learn, Speak, Read and Write) Skills

Maths Programme

Building the operational skills to erase the 'Mathematics Phobia’

MILeS Programme

Multi Intelligent Learning systems in Science and Technology

Special Education Programme

An extra sense to fulfill special needs

Day Care Programme

Early education support for solid foundation