Realizing the toehold English has in India as a language of fluid communication, the EB Club offers an English Programme that provides excellent learning opportunities for children between the age of 2 – 14 years. It focuses on the phonemic learning of the language beginning with sound acoustics to reading and writing letters. The duration of the programme is of 700 hours spread across 7 levels and classes are held for 2 days a week.

Since language is like 'cooked spaghetti', always learnt in a context, the group activity and the story line approach to language learning makes the learners adept at using in a culturally rich context. Grammar is introduced not as a separate discipline but as a tool that 'comes under' and lifts the language giving it both coherence of thought and lucidity of expression. The primary focus is on peer learning, collaborative thinking and lateral problem solving. The child is told that it is perfectly all right to make mistakes; he can learn at his own pace and is allowed to correct himself till he arrives at the correct answer. This instills in him confidence and makes him overcome the fear of failure.

Thus, students are made to use their senses rather than just rote memorization and parroting of information. Since learning happens in a conducive family like environment it is long. It prepares students not only for a life of test but also for the TEST OF LIFE…

Pre beginners


Middles - Bridge

Middles - Regular

Advanced - Bridge

Advanced - Regular

Advanced - Plus