Mathematics is the most loved and the most feared subject among students. The main endeavour at the EB Club is to erase the 'Mathematics Phobia' from the young minds and to develop in them a flair for number crunching. Once developed, it forms the platform for the cross integration of other subjects. This is what exactly we want our EB-ites to acquire by the Mathematics programme.

We offer the programme at 4 levels, i.e. Kindergarten to Grade-3, with classes once a week. Our objective is to focus on mathematical concepts and procedures, "why" something works, and not only the "how". We work on building the operational skills of the children which includes all the concepts of numbers like sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shapes, measurements, etc. The children are given an environment to enhance their logical thinking and analytical abilities. They are provided enough stimuli in the form of E-Blocks activities which further reinforces the classroom teaching.

Our primary focus areas are:

  1. Logical Thinking
  2. Analytical reasoning
  3. Regular Mathematical skills
  4. Problem solving

Besides, they are made to learn how to apply logic and think to solve different puzzles, mazes, grids, patterns, Sudoku and the like which even the adults are not able to solve that easily.