In the race towards the future, MILeS(Multi Intelligent Learning systems in Science and Technology) has created the richest and most engaging environment of its kind to enable learners to maximize their learning time and reach their full potential.

Commonly known as Robotics, the MILeS programme aims to increase self-confidence of students, to enhance their involvement and to strengthen their self-esteem.

The primary focus areas are:

  1. Mathematics and Logic
  2. Simple Machines
    1. Levers
    2. Wheels & Axles
    3. Pulleys
    4. Inclined Planes
    5. Gears
  3. Renewable Energy
    1. Solar Models
    2. Transformation of Energy
    3. Solar System
    4. Ecology demands
    5. Electricity
  4. Computer Programming
    1. Information Technology
    2. Conditionals sentences
    3. Procedures, Sub-Procedures
    4. Structural programming
    5. Feedback Control
    6. Sensors
    7. Radio-Control
    8. Debugging
    9. Transmition

The MILeS environment claims that pupils learn better when they are actively engaged in creating and constructing artifacts of their own choice. The specialty of the programme is the development and implementation of technology-rich innovative learning environment within the field of computers, technology and science. The core of learning processes is the use of most advanced computers, multimedia and information technologies to enhance learning and teaching.

MILeS Programme comprise of 3 Levels and classes are held once a week:

  1. Beginners : age 5½-7 years
  2. Junior : age 7-9 years
  3. Advanced : age 9-12 years

The learning environments developed in the MILeS programme are constructive, open and interactive which can be implemented in various areas and can be activated with different learning modes and teaching styles.