Students' Speak

  • Hi! I am Aciera. I love to come to the EB Club. I love to read and study here. I like to play with E-Blocks. I can also speak in English.
    - Aciera
  • Hello! My name is Sarbani Kaur. I love to come to the EB Club. I love to play with E-Blocks. I study English and Mathematics here. I have many friend. I only speak in English. I know all the sounds. I can read. I love my teachers.
    - Sarbani Kaur

Parents' Speak

  • "The EB Club is a great institution. I saw immense progress in my daughter, Shristi. It makes me feel great when other people compliment my child about her confidence and pronunciation. I find the staff very helpful."
    - Ms. Monica
    Mother of Shristi
  • "The EB Club has played an important role in the development of my 3 year old daughter Prisha. It has provided a great environment for Prisha along with the tender love and care from the teaching faculty. She is nurtured intellectually, socially, and emotionally, and is now ready for her upcoming nursery session. The curriculum has brought many changes in her, in context to communication, greeting and meeting people around, introducing herself, using right phonetics, recognition of big and small letters of the alphabet, counting, opposite words used in everyday life and tricky words etc. We know that there is still alot more to learn and we hope to see Prisha in upcoming advanced learning stages also. On the other side the Centre’s premises is clean and well organized which makes it a healthy place to leave your kid. There is always fun and something exciting planned for the children. The way faculty members interact with outsiders shows the level of confidence in what they deliver. Thanks to the EB Club and its team."
    - Ms. Taru Singla Bharadwaaj
    Mother of Prisha
  • "From day one, the environment of the EB Club is very caring towards the child. Akshita has started using new words and tries as much as possible to speak in English. The way of teaching is different from schools which help children learn concepts very easily. My basic motive to send her to the EB Club is to bring about an overall development. I am very thankful for the kind efforts put in by all here."
    - Ms. Divya
    Mother of Akshita
  • "I would like to express my sincere gratitude for enhancing my son, Manveer’s English communication skills. Each day is an excitement to hear him using new vocabulary. His command over English and sentence formation is improving with every passing day. The credit goes to the EB Club and staff. I am thankful to you for helping in creating a strong foundation in his early learning phases of education."
    - Ms. Sarabjit
    Mother of Manveer
  • "My children Ritvik and Sanvi joined the EB Club in October 2013 and it’s been 5 months since they have been going there for English classes. Ritvik has improved a lot in English and he got Ist prize in English paragraph writing competition in the class. His confidence level has increased tremendously. He enjoys going to the EB Club. Sanvi has also started making words and can read small words on her own. She tries to make sentences and speak in English. Thanks to the EB Club for the efforts put in by the team and I am satisfied and happy that I made a good decision."
    - Ms. Payal
    Mother of Ritvik Mittal and Sanvi Mittal
  • "My son, Jaskirat Singh joined the EB Club last year. Since then I have seen extraordinary changes in him. He easily recognizes the sounds of the letters. He tries to speak full sentences in English. I can also see an improvement in his academic performance. I am really satisfied with the progress of my child. Thank you so much for such a friendly environment at the EB Club."
    - Ms. Payal
    Mother of Ritvik Mittal and Sanvi Mittal
  • "We as parents are very happy with what everyone at the EB Club have done to ensure that our six year old daughter, Amrit Bani, enjoys her time here and looks forward to going to the EB Club every time. She has developed not only her spoken English but also enhanced her reading and writing skills.
    The EB Club premises are colourful and spacious. We can clearly see that the levels of hygiene maintained at the centre are very high. We would have no hesitation in recommending the EB Club to our friends."
    - Ms. Dimpy
    Mother of Amrit Bani
  • "I am satisfied with the EB Club especially the way they teach phonetics. My child is able to blend words. So overall this is very satisfactory."
    - Ms. Divya Kaura
    Mother of Adhiraj Kaura
  • "When my kid started with the EB Club in January she was excited to come here everyday. There has been a drastic improvement in her communication skills. So I am satisfied with whatever she is doing here."
    - Ms Divya Jain
    Mother of Asmi Jain
  • "My kid joined the club in February and there's a tremendous change in her. She easily recognises the sounds of the letters. She tries to speak full sentences in English. The EB Club is really doing good. Kids are able to build good base here."
    - Ms. Navneet
    Mother of Haneet
  • "Hirdyaman joined the EB Club in February and he is doing good. He has started forming sentences in English and has developed good reading skills. I am happy with his progress."
    -Ms. Navneet
    Mother of Hirdyaman
  • "My son Jaskeerat used to be a shy child. His reading skills have improved a lot at the EB Club. The EB Club is a place where all children are looked at indiviually though they are in group."
    - Ms. Amrit Kaur
    Mother of Jaskeerat Singh
  • "I was very excited as well as worried when I enrolled my son at the EB Club but after he joined I feel proud on my decision as I saw unexpected improvement in his performance. Now my son is very fluent in speaking and reading English. Thanks to the EB Club."
    - Ms. Muskan Aggarwal
    Mother of Madhav Aggarwal
  • "My experience at the EB Club is great. I would have never thought that teaching could be so simple. I could see improvement in my child performance."
    - Ms.Shivani Gupta
    Mother of Vatsal Gupta
  • "I am really satisfied with the progress of my child. Earlier I was thinking that it is too early for my child but when he got admitted to the EB Club. TThen I realized that there is no age to learn. I am really happy with my child's performance. His spoken English has improved a lot.Thanks to the EB Club and its friendly staff for taking care of my child."
    - Mrs. Singh
    Mother of Adhiraj Singh

Partners' Speak

  • "My association with the EB Club began in August 2011. I am an Engineer and had worked in corporate world for almost 14 years when I felt the need to become more independent and have a business of my own. Many ideas floated through my brain which was I must say multitasking at that moment between my office work, my family, creating business plans, speaking with experienced business folks etc. One thing I was very sure of is that I would like to take the advantage of the business knowledge and acumen of existing businesses and hence would like to explore the franchisee path. An excellent education franchisor was what I was looking for. I contacted many franchisors but there was always something lacking. Either their business plan was one sided or there was no plan at all. Sometimes the business plans had multiple flaws or they were exorbitantly priced. Then I came acoss the EB Club. It was just perfect.
    The Virtual Edutechica team floored me with the simplicity of their franchise model. The interest here was to provide a wonderful exposure to the English Language for children and women. The business plan was absolutely crisp and clear. The teaching materials was extraordinary. I was given all the necessary training and help needed in the setup.
    We started our centre at Thane with 25 kids registered on first day itself. The quality of student material, repeat upgrades to E-Block software and curriculum is appreciated by every parent. We have got many children who have continued to next levels. As of date we are proud that we have had 150+ children who have cleared various English learning levels with us. E-blocks help the children retain the concepts very well. Even a 4 year old enjoys the language as much as a 12 year old. The curriculum keeps them engaged and think creatively.
    I thank the EB Club team for the wonderful support extended to our unit. We couldn't have asked for a better franchisor. "
    - Ms Shivali Deshpande,
    The EB Club Thane, Maharashtra
  • "We are very happy to be partnered with Virtual Edutechnica, that provides a unique learning concept which has enabled us to play a very important role in the life of the current generation kids for nurturing their future and also offering similar opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs.
    We are proud to inform within a short span of time, we have multiple EB Club franchisees and many schools in and around Tamil Nadu exclusively using our curriculum. Our model center in Porur, Chennai has seen the profit in 6 months and we are very confident of quickly expanding our business in short period due to the overwhelming response from the public. Looking forward to taking the business to the next level in the near future! Best wishes to all of us in this journey!"
    - Ms Ramya S Iyer,
    The EB Club, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • "It gives me immense pleasure to express my appreciation for the EB Club programme which is the most effective English language learning solution that has helped our school children improve their linguistic skills tremendously. This multi sensory programme has indeed done wonders with young minds enabling them emerge as confident individuals equipped to compete and excel their lives ahead."
    - Ms Vandana Shahi,
    Principal, BCM Sr. Sec. School, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • "With an entrepreneurial acumen and experience, I started The E B Club venture on 2nd August 2013. Being a Behavioral Science Training consultant by profession with over 12 years of industry experience, the concept of KSA – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude model of The E B Club caught my attention. Any change in the behavioral pattern made at an early stage of life is a paradigm shift which is there to stay. With noteworthy Support of Virtual EDUTECHNICA Team the learning related to the education industry has been immense. We have 2 centers in Delhi, Vasant Kunj and Vasant Vihar. The curriculum and techniques of the The E B Club are profound and brilliant. We launched the Vasant Vihar center in May 2014, with the Summer Camp module of 3 weeks, we got an over whelming response with 25 students enrolled. I truly believe in the practice of Multiple Intelligence to teach any concept in the formative years of learning. The children of today’s times are oriented towards technology making E blocks a unique experience for them to build their self- expression and application in any situation. Personality being a function of heredity, environment and situation can only get developed if we give children a platform to learn by experimentation and motivation. So together, let’s make them learn the e blocks way!!!!! Good Luck to all Partners, facilitators, students and parents of The EB Club family."
    - Ms Ruby Kanth,
    The EB Club Vasant Vihar, Delhi
  • "Learning to read can such be a monumental task for children.The tool provided by the EB Club with proven techniques like phonetics help children to read confidently and enthusiastically with less effort and immediate results.Besides activities on E-Block there are many other aids like flash cards, companion books etc. that make teaching and learning both easy and pleasurable. We have received positive and encouraging feedback from both parents and children who attended the summer camp 2010 which was conducted during April-May.The response so far has been overwhelming."
    - Ms Anupama Sudhakar,
    The EB Club, Bangalore, Karnataka